Side Quest 2

When I looked at the quest laying on my bed, my first reaction was it would be funny if I could combine a duck feet on my feet. Then, I realized that there are some technical difficulties for the duck’s posture to be exactly the same. So I approached it differently: adhering my feet into a duck’s body. Since I am not good at photo editing at all, getting rid of the background of two pictures is difficult. I had to consult my friend who is an expert in this particular field for assistant, and he literally taught me step by step. The picture conveys a symbol for protection. When the duck lands, it would always land on its feet. Even though no one would be silly enough to land on his or her head, many individuals do such things when they encounter difficulties or obstacles. They devout so much that they test things with their lives. Although I give my who appreciation to their zealous attitudes, I would not believe that everyone should do that with every obstacle they encounter. Bold is different from bravery.

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