Podcast Reflection: Democratic Socialism Simulator

In the episode of Democratic Socialism Simulator, I became the producer. This time we had an even more clearer focus on the tasks involved. As the producer, I need to lead the discussion on the game, record and edit the audio file, and attend meetings including the meeting with Professor Morgen. Compare to the previous podcast on Temple Run and Oxenfree, I think we are much more organized. We literally had more interactions with each other. Although we had a stricter time due to the oblivion to sign up, we actually find the perfect game within a shortened time frame. For the last episodes, we had to probe on how to record in zoom, who is doing what job, and we had to record several times before the final version. Yet, for this episode, everything is simply going as smoothly as possible

Importantly, the goals and main talking points had shifted significantly compare to the last two episodes. We improved on the “game-finding skills”. For Temple Run, we had barely anything to talk about on its meaning and mechanics; yet for Oxenfree, the mechanics would be a little bit confusing to talk about without having to play the game itself. For Democratic Socialism Simulator, we are intrigued by the complex viewing point it provided towards the ongoing election. Amongst our group we had a heated discussion on the game’s view. Some of us believed that the moderacy element means doing nothing, others believed that moderacy means staying neutral. We even discussed about the historical successful president to prove our point. To be honest, I would not change any part of the content this podcast provided if we had to do it again.

As we have more attempts on the podcasts, the ability to “demonstrate collaborative skills in classroom discussion and while working together on projects and presentations”, as stated in the Learning Objective page, are being tested again. As aforementioned, we had different viewpoints that leads us to different assertions. However, with collaborations skils, we overcome the dividing views and came to a conclusion with everyone being satisfied . With the projects, Anusha, Hayden, and I had definitely became more comfortable working with one another. Although learning how to cooperate is a gradual process, we had made clear progression to mastering this skill.

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